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Kindle adds cool features to Android app

Dec 27, 2010

The arms race of ereader apps is on! Feature by feature, Amazon’s Kindle app and Barnes and Noble’s Nook apps, as well as other contenders, escalate the battle for digital book dominance. Kindle’s latest 2.0 Update for its Android app comes locked and loaded for war.

Kindle for Android was already cool, and the 2.0 update adds great features that help complete the ebook experience. By adjusting a control in Settings, you can now page forward or back using your Android’s volume buttons. This is great for reading over your phone with just one hand.

With a couple of taps, you can now share your reading progress over Facebook, Twitter, email or other social network services. The Kindle app calculates where you are — just started or a percentage — and crafts a message for you about the book you have open. All you have to do is add a comment or just post without adding anything.

You can also now zoom in on images and graphics, see the title of your book in the status bar, and move the app to an SD card on your phone, if you like.

Finally, the update adds the ability to purchase newspapers and magazines right from the phone. One downside here: Not many magazines and newspapers have been optimized or are even available currently for Kindle reader apps. Thus, your options are few, as of this writing. However, some, like the New York Times, are available — and in color — for reading over your Android.

As before, the Kindle update is free. If you use Kindle apps or own a Kindle, don’t hesitate to get the upgrade.

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