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Sep 23, 2011
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I recently bought a Proform 1450 Treadmill which has a 10′ Android touchscreen tablet in it. While I haven’t yet figured out how to convince it to allow me to put applications on it. I’ve been using my Galaxy Tab 10.1 to keep my daily jog fun and exciting.


I love music of all kinds. When I’m working out I want peppy upbeat music so that I can tune my brain to the monotony of jogging. Pandora is my #1 go to app for music. Just throw on some dubstep and go!



Turn on the treadmill, open up Netflix and watch your favorite shows for that hour of walking / jogging.



One of the neat things about my Proform 1450 treadmill is that it has iFit live which integrates with my Facebook account. So when I start a workout and when I am done it will post my stats and my friends will comment motivating things. Social Media is a great way to integrate your workout. I actually had a friend tell me that some days the only reason he runs is so that it shows up on Facebook. Hey, whatever works, right?


Runkeeper – GPS Track Run Walk

On the days that I am not on my treadmill running, I use runkeeper to keep track of my run. For those of you that don’t have an iFit integrated treadmill this app also has a “treadmill” activity.


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