Keep your medical records close at hand with these Android apps

Jan 30, 2012
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When it comes to remembering the last time you saw a doctor or even just having an easy way to keep track of the list of your family ailments, it’s always great to have an electronic record instead of having to remember your info from scratch each time you see a physician. The free Manage My Pain Pro ($3.99) comes in handy. Manage My Pain Pro helps patients who suffer from cancer, arthritis, chronic pain, headaches and fibromyalgia keep a detailed log of the pain they’re experiencing. When they go speak to a doctor about it later, they can show the reports the app has generated to their physician without having to restate every minute detail of their ailment.

As someone who has spent plenty of time in and out of medical offices in my life, the ability to have my medical records available to me at all times is very cool. I only hope that as these apps evolve, users see more low cost options rather than high priced subscription-based services.

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Dan Kricke

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