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Keep up-to-date on technology with CNET TV for Android

Jan 17, 2011

The Download our new Android app!

Click on your phone’s “Menu” button to check out what’s featured, check out popular shows and live stream CNET, or conduct a Google-style search. Because this app is so similar to YouTube in some ways, and because more-extensive navigation seems to be rooted in common sense, I found that I had no difficulty finding my way around.

Videos stream and play from within the application, which is always a plus. I feel that it always takes extra time for videos to load, and often takes away from the quality of an app when its videos are exported to video-player sites like YouTube or Vimeo.

The app’s video and sound quality wasn’t very consistent. Some videos appeared more sharply and had more clearly resounding audio. Others, however, were sometimes fuzzy-looking or sounded muffled. These latter videos weren’t what you might consider “poor quality,” though. I think I’m only a bit more critical of this aspect of the app because I’ve been so spoiled by the vibrant, high-definition videos I’ve watched recently on other similar apps.

All in all, I find this to be an extensive, yet very easy to use, application. I recommend it to everyone who’s a devout fan of CNET TV or considers themselves to be a huge tech nerd. It’s a great mobile offshoot of an existing website.

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