Keep on moving with these grooving transportation apps

Apr 24, 2012
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Android smartphones make getting around so much easier, whether its via maps, public transportation timetables, taxi apps and more. Here’s a few I really like.


Is it silly to put this when it’s already on your phone? Probably not when it offers maps, navigation, local search and so much more. It’s invaluable.


Waze – GPS, Maps & Traffic

It’s like a social GPS with reports from other users of traffic snarl ups etc.


Curb – The Taxi App

Handy taxi service which takes the hassle out of ordering a cab.


Chicago Transit Tracker Pro

Great for Chicago dwellers who need bus times or L schedules.



Right now, it’s just expensive ‘special’ cabs, but soon in Chicago it’ll be for ordinary taxis which will be super handy.


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