Kayak Android app plans travel on the go

Jan 5, 2011
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Not everyone needs to plan travel from a phone. Travel web sites might be one of the categories where using a PC makes sense because of the larger screen and easier input. However, if you do find time to scope out a trip while mobile, Kayak for Android does a good job of finding deals.

Like the Kayak web site, the latest 2.2 version of the Android app scours “hundreds” of travel sites. When booking a hotel, for example, you’re able to see prices, and book the same hotel over Expedia, Orbitz, CheapTickets and more. This makes you feel comfortable you’re getting the best deal. For hotels, Kayak also offers cool categories — like “Cheap,” “Close” and “Classy” — to help you narrow the selection. Like other travel sites, Kayak lets you search for flights and cars, in addition to hotels.

Kayak breaks out from the pack in other features. Need to know where the ATM, bar, newsstand or food options are located in an unfamiliar airport? The app provides a list that allows you to drill down for location specifics. You can also check flight, gate, even baggage-claim status on most flights.

The “Buzz” section provides the latest pricing trends across carriers for a specific trip. The graph shows you whether prices are rising or falling, and by how much. Need more? Add a widget to your home screen, or set alerts for price points on specific trips. Follow the Kayak Twitter feed, or send in feedback about the app and service.

All in all, the Kayak app is great for old and new users of the Kayak.

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