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Jump to the attack with Kill Box for Android

Feb 14, 2012

Things could have been much worse if the robot revolution had been led by Terminator-style deadly monsters. Fortunately for the boy hero of side-scroller Kill Box, the robots that have risen up to overthrow their human masters look more like small toaster ovens with legs. This means jumping, bashing and shooting stand a good chance of winning the day, and delivering fun gameplay for you.

You have two main controls — jumping and attacking — that drive the game. Attack to shoot onrushing bots, or smash the closer ones using your bazooka as a club. Jump to leap over chasms, spikes or little toaster robots that you don’t have time to blast or club. All in all, the game gets fairly frantic as you must time jumps well to avoid having the boy leap right into a flying bot or falling to his death in a hole. Big flying bosses appear at the end of each level and they require multiple rounds or hits before they give up.

The most humorous element of the game comes from the one special control called Super Kill. A thermometer grows with the energy to fire this uber-weapon as you destroy the small robots during a level. When you press Super Kill, the teenage boy turns into a flying energy ray angel of death and consumes everything in his path in a white-hot light.

Your goal is to get as far down the road as you can, and the game shows you distance in meters in the corner. You can then share your success over the ScoreLoop leader boards.

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