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Jump through hoops with Dolphin Browser Mini for Android

Jan 2, 2011

On a phone, a great browser matters. Dolphin has been cranking out great mobile browsers and its latest — currently in Beta — is no exception. Dolphin Browser Mini comes billed as a lightweight browser, but it feels as full-featured as many competitors.

First up, it’s blazing fast. Some users claim it’s faster than the sister product Dolphin Browser HD. This lets you quickly scope out the info you want while out and about, then get back to what you’re doing.

Press and hold the address bar, and you get a pop-up of useful options — “Add Bookmark,” “Select Text,” “Copy URL,” “Share,” “Save Page.” You can also add the URL to Dolphin’s Speed Dial, a special easy-access button page of favorites, separate from your bookmarks.

Tap the icon that looks like a finger touching a screen, and bring up the gestures pane. Draw a backward- or forward-facing arrow, and it recognizes you want to go back or forward in browser windows. Up arrow means top of page, down arrow means bottom. There are other default gestures for Facebook, Google and other popular sites, but if you don’t like any and want to add your own you can do so easily.

Touch “Settings” to display a handy toolbox. In there, you can snap a screenshot of a site, change your view from mobile to desktop, lock the screen from rotating, and much more.

All in all, Dolphin Browser Mini impresses like the best show at SeaWorld. While in Beta, you can provide feedback with a quick tap on the settings screen. If you find any bugs, let them know. I didn’t.

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