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JellyBalls and other top Android games

Sep 19, 2010

Last week’s power play from OpenFeint has led the charge on big game releases for the Android platform.  EA Games revealed some super-sized plans this week, as 20 titles prepare to make their way to the Android Market.

A slew of new titles also emerged this week, bulking up the arcade game category in particular.  Here are the week’s top Android games:

New and updated

Atomic Bomber, set in 1970, has you defending Europe from enemy invasion.  Bomb your opponents with falling weapons, using basic physics to get the timing and trajectory just right.  An update to the Android game brings extra lives and performance improvements, along with an occasional gaming necessity – a mute button.

Upcoming fun

EA Games announced its plans for a bigger focus on the Android platform at the Deutsche Bank Conference this week, noting a dedication to current trends for the iPhone alternatives.  Some 20 titles will soon be available in the Android Market, including Flick Kick Boxing and Ninja Fruit.

Epic Game’s Unreal Engine SDK is making a big Android debut soon, with plans for an upcoming release. The expanded support will encourage graphically-enhanced games in the Android Market, moving beyond the iPhone audience for quality titles.

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