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Humble Bundle rolls out second Android game bundle with pay-what-you-want price

Mar 19, 2012

The crew behind the Humble Bundle has worked up another group of Android games for people to download, all for the price they name themselves.

It’s the second time Humble Bundle has turned its sights to Android. This bundle includes four games: Canabalt, Avadon: The Black Fortress, Cogs and Zen Bound 2. The price tag for all four is determined by the buyer – you set your own price when you check out, but users who beat the average sale price also will receive Swords and Soldiers.

As with all the Humble Bundle game deals, how the money each buyer gives is allocated is up to them. Each purchase price goes in part to the games’ developers, part to Humble Bundle for administration, and part two the charity Child’s Play and the non-profit Electronic Frontier Foundation. Child’s Play provides video game systems and games to sick kids who are stuck in hospitals, while the EFF’s work is focused on protecting digital rights.

Right now, the average sale prices is just under $6, but buying all the games piecemeal would rack up to be more than $50. At the time of writing, the Humble Android Bundle 2 has already made over $80,000 and made almost 14,000 sales, and there’s another two weeks on this bundle remaining.

Last time around, the bundle offered five games for Android devices, and if users paid more than a buck, they got codes to download other versions of the games, as well. That’s the case again this time. Users who pay more than $1 get codes that can be redeemed on the PC gaming portal Steam, and get access to Mac, PC or Linux versions to match their system requirements.

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As last time, the Humble Bundle 2 includes a bunch of quality titles, and the fact that they’re available on multiple media really adds to their value. But even if you were just to stack up the Android Market prices, the $6 average is well below what users would pay buying each title one at a time. And it’s always nice to give to a good cause, while getting fresh Android games out of the deal, as well.

Full details on the Humble Android Bundle 2 are available at

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