HotelPal Android app offers no-fuss hotel booking and deals

Jan 17, 2011
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I love the simplicity of the free Download our new Android app!

Each listing has just enough information about each hotel and several photos to get an idea of what your hotel stay would be like. And the best part: From what I could tell from my searches, the rates from HotelPal were almost always lower than if you went directly to the hotel’s website to make a reservation. For instance, I looked up a hotel I’m interested in staying at in Portland, Ore., and the rate on HotelPal was almost 40 percent less than the rate posted on the hotel’s website for the same date and room. I’m definitely using HotelPal to book my next weekend getaway!

Between the easy-to-use interface and great deals, HotelPal is a must-have and free travel app for Android owners.

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