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Hoppit leads Android Apps of the Week

Mar 21, 2013

Only in the first world do we have such issues as “Too many places to go eat,” but we also create solutions to those first world problems. In this case, I’m referring to Hoppit, a great new restaurant finding app that takes your mood and feelings into consideration, and our top app of the week. We’ve also got a new version of the Opera Browser, some stuff for tablets from DIRECTV, free credit scores, and an honest to goodness map of the Internet.

Hoppit (Free)

Hoppit is the latest great restaurant finding app, and makes it easier than ever to find a place that matches your mood on the fly. Whether you’re looking for a dimly lit romantic spot, a raucous pub full of tipsy sports fans, or a nice family joint, you can find it on Hoppit along with price comparisons, full menus, thousands of internal photos, and more. You can also search by what kind of food you’d like to eat, of course, but Hoppit excels at matching ambience, which is probably why it’s been featured on TV so many times. Definitely a great app for people who love trying new restaurants.

Opera Browser beta (Free)

The latest mobile version of the Opera web browser might still be in beta, but it has tons of potential already. Now, this isn’t the first version of Opera to hit Android devices, but hopefully it will make the previous versions obsolete with faster speeds, better data management, and all sorts of handy new features, such as the Discover mode, which helps you customize your news feeds, or the easy to use download manager that comes built in. It may have a bug or two to squash, still being in beta, but Opera is one of my favorite browsers at the end of the day.

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Also on Android Apps

Zinio put together a survival guide for magazine lovers, now that many magazine and newspaper publishers are embracing digital. Read about their counsel in this Guest Post.

DIRECTV for Tablets (Free)

This new app from DIRECTV turns your tablet into a portable television even more literally than most other streaming services. You can browse various channels and easily watch any show, movie, or sports program from your device. Plus, you can use the app as a kind of remote control, setting and managing your DVR with ease. They also implemented a “What’s Hot” feature to help you find the more popular and trendy shows and movies, plus channel guides and show listings provide plenty of useful info. You’ll need DIRECTV to use the app, but if you have the service and a tablet, there’s no reason not to download this one.

Map of the Internet (Free)

Yes, that’s right. We finally have an official map of the internet thanks to Peer 1 Hosting. And no, it’s not a simple two way fork in the road with one sign pointing to cat memes and another pointing to adult entertainment sites. This is a 3D visualization of all the interconnected networks worldwide that make up the internet, with ISP’s, universities, and other organizations that route traffic and make magic happen. It’s actually a fascinating app that lets you search for companies or domains or learn about the relevant history of the modern internet’s formation, plus it’s just really freaking cool looking. Though the internet can be a bit clumsy.

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Credit Karma Mobile (Free)

Credit Karma Mobile is very simple and there isn’t much too it at all, but it’s also extremely useful and worth a download from anyone who ever wanted to check their credit scores easily, but had an unusually hard time actually tracking them down. It’s totally free to use, safe, and also has handy features like a Credit Report Card breaking things down, or notifications that alert you to important changes in your score. It’s been used by millions of people and featured on plenty of news sites aimed at money management. You are always entitled to your credit score, and now you can have it hassle free.

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