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Homerun Battle 3D Android game clears the bases

Nov 5, 2010

Finally, a developer that gets it. Homerun Battle 3D is one of the first truly cross-compatible Android-iPhone games that leaves the mobile turf wars aside and immerses players in a first-rate experience that can be enjoyed no matter which phone you own.

Fire up the app, link to your foe (or go solo), and start swinging. The first time you hear the crack of your bat against a virtual gold ball, you’ll be hooked. The graphics are first-rate, and the side-by-side, picture-in-picture online matchups are truly satisfying.

Hitting home runs takes practice. You’ll need to use your phone’s accelerometer to hit the strike zone to send balls over the fence. You’ll also need lightning-quick reflexes to tap the screen along with tilting to send your balls flying. Vibration makes things feel even more realistic, with a quality soundtrack and sound effects rounding out this top-quality offering.

As you earn gold balls you’ll be able to customize your uniform and the overall look of your avatar. Tweaking your jersey, cleats, glasses and pants, along with your glove, helmet and bat adds to the feeling of achievement as you progress, as well as the power/accuracy of your hitter.

The only things holding this game back from a full five-star rating? Some players report nagging performance issues on original Droid and iPhones. There’s a massive 17MB download to your SD card upon installation, and I’ve read some persistent reports of online cheating and difficulty in restoring high score and earned items after recent updates.

Obviously Com2us, the app’s developer, is working out the kinks. And with a recent content update on the iPhone, there’s no doubt a similar release will occur for Android sometime this winter.

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