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Holiday sales bring cheap, free Android games

Dec 7, 2011

Super KO Boxing! 2. It’s a great opportunity for publishers like Glu to market their entire collection, even beyond those titles included in the sale. With a focus on social gaming, Glu can leverage this Google team-up to grow its sub-market of mobile gamers.

Broadening access to gamers is an important strategy for publishers going the mobile route, and Sony Ericsson is already far down this path. Extending its Xperia PLAY phone to C Spire Wireless customers, Sony Ericsson is saturating the market with its early mobile gaming device. The Xperia PLAY gained popularity with its launch earlier this year, creating a mobile portal for Sony’s PlayStation Network and a distribution platform for high quality games. As part of the promo for C Spire customers, you’ll get five free games from the EA Games site when you purchase the Xperia Play, including Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, Battlefield: Bad Company and FIFA 12.

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