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High Powered Android Utilities

Jul 30, 2010

Getting things done is the name of the game. Most of the basic utilities that are built into Android are great. They are simple and they get the job done. But sometimes you need a little something extra. You find yourself without a key feature and that’s where these apps come in. You may not need these all the time, but they’ll be invaluable when you do.

RealCalc Scientific Calculator

Is the built in calculator missing key functions you need? Well this scientific calculator app has every function you can think of.



This app allows you to uninstall any application with a single click. It’s a must have for uninstalling pre-installed apps from the OS that don’t show up in the market or for uninstalling apps that the built in uninstaller won’t let you uninstall.


Wifi Analyzer

Ever suspect your wireless connection has come to a halt? This app will tell you just how fast your wireless connection is. You can also scan other networks around you to determine the best place to connect.


Bluetooth OnOff for Droid

This app does exactly what it says. It provides a simple shortcut to toggle your bluetooth connectivity. No more digging through menus to use your headset or sync with other devices. Couldn’t be simpler.


BatteryTime Lite

The built in battery monitor is good for a rough estimate of battery life. BatteryTime takes this knowledge to the extreme by telling you exactly what percentage of your battery is left. Not only that, it breaks down the exact amount of idle time, talk time, video & audio playback and web surfing you can do before your fancy phone becomes a brick.


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