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Have a jolly good time with Skater Boy for Android

Mar 20, 2012

If the only experience you have with skateboarding is shooing young skateboarders off your property, then you definitely want to play the free Skater Boy game for Android. It’s set up very similar to the Angry Birds format, where you conquer one level at a time. Pressing the arrows for forward motion or jumps, you guide Skater Boy over obstacles, down hills, on ramps and so on. Earn extra points for fancy tricks you pull off as Skater Boy, and excel faster through the game.

The background of the Skater Boy app is not nearly as impressive as other apps, but it works. This arcade-style game is really easy to play and super addictive. Play during downtime waiting for appointments, or wasting time during commercial breaks if you don’t have a DVR. You can turn the sound effects and background music off as well, making it perfect for passing time during boring presentations and meetings at work.

There are more than 90 levels currently, and more on the way. You’ll steer Skater Boy through three different terrains: town, forest and cemetery. If you are pining for your youth this spring, check out Skater Boy for some guilty pleasure fun. It is not just for skater boys and girls, it is for adults too.

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