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Guest Post: Great apps for Seattle residents and socialites

Aug 25, 2011
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One Bus Away – I don’t own a car, so 95 percent of the time I rely on public transportation to get me where I need to be. The One Bus Away app is quite possibly one of the best apps ever invented. At any bus stop, I can open the app to see when my bus will be arriving. It tells me if it’s early, on time, or running late. The app is also linked to King County Metro’s website so I can easily access full bus schedules and maps if I’m not sure exactly which route would be best. I’ve heard complaints about this app, that it’s unreliable and often incorrect, but I’ve actually never had a bad experience with it. It has been one or two minutes off at times, but for the most part it suits me perfectly.

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Stephanie Keys

Stephanie is a 30-something Seattle who loves everything about the Emerald City. She’s currently a full time student studying web development and computer programming, but in her free time she can be found eating and drinking her way through Seattle, or stuck on the bus trying to get there.


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