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Great finger-tracing games for Android

Nov 17, 2010

While there might be no shortage of games available in the Android Market, there is a need for organizing the “″ app_id=”391785” target=”_blank”>Finger Runner combines the sheer fun of solving mazes with the toughness of Operation… You know, that crazy board game where you try to remove a poor fellow’s heart, funny bone, etc. without touching the metal edge of each cardboard incision?

The same concept holds true here. You’re confronted with a series of mazes. Use your finger to trace your way through each twist and turn, but be careful: touch the edges of the maze and it’s game over.

A little practice goes a long way. You’ll soon be completing mazes in record time with nary a mistake, especially if you have freakishly thin fingers or a stylus from your iPad (there goes my secret).

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