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Gravity Project adds some interesting elements to the endless runner genre

May 10, 2012

Casual gamers everywhere rejoiced when the highly-anticipated free running Gravity Project is looking to shake things up by introducing minor adjustments, and instead of running away from strange creatures, you’ll barrel down the inside of a spaceship.

Aside from the space-themed setting, the underlying gameplay of Gravity Project is pretty similar to Temple Run. While you’ll find that there are a number of other running type games on Appolicious, you can’t help but shake the feeling that you’re playing a Temple Run clone. As your character runs down what appears to be the interior of a spaceship, you’ll slide up to jump, and swipe down to slide and avoid running head-on into obstacles. While keeping the same core mechanics as Temple Run, Gravity Project introduces a new element that keeps it fresh… manipulating gravity. As you run, you’ll be able to change the orientation by swiping left and right. This dramatic change of perspective, while adding a bit of difficulty, gives Gravity Project its own unique take on the genre and never feels gimmicky.

While Temple Run boasts a number of power ups and skins, you won’t find the same content here. Gravity Project is a bare bones running game. Aside from the angle changes, Gravity Project has its own quirks. As you dash across the stage, a meter is constantly ticking down and once time runs out it’s game over. Collecting power-ups or items that litter that stage extends your time. This adds a layer of challenge, though it feels quite cheap when you die from literally running out of time.

While not as highly polished as Temple Run, the snazzy background music is a welcome change from the usual drums and yells of mutated chimpanzees. The tune is intense enough but not jarring to distract you out of your “zone”. The graphics are nothing to write home about, but it’s worth noting that the game’s color presentation helps avoid repeated cheap deaths. Unfortunately, the feeling of claustrophobia doesn’t go away as the never-ending hallway feels the same throughout.

Reviewing the game, it was quite difficult not to draw comparisons to Temple Run. While the underlying gameplay may be quite similar, Gravity Project never feels like another ‘me-too’ cash-in game that’s become prevalent on Android. If you’ve ever felt winded after your daily Temple Run marathon, give Gravity Project a run.

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