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Grand Prix Story zooms to lead Android games of the week

Jun 12, 2011

High profile events like the E3 conference, where Android developer had an increased presence, serve as an inspiring backdrop to this week’s best new games. Kairosoft, the makers of Game Dev Story and Hot Springs Story, adds another “story” game to its lineup, delving into the new theme of racing. There’s also some classic arcade motifs that remain popular in the Android Market, with games like Eole & the Paper Ball and Spinballs rising to the top.

Abduction! World Attack ($2.21)

Abduction! is a popular series in the Android Market, with the World Attack sequel adding new challenges to this arcade game. Keep a steady hand in this accelerometer game, which takes you leaping from one platform to another with the tilt of the phone from one side to the other. Climb high into the skies to chase down the UFO that kidnapped your friends, which is an increasingly challenging feat as you progress through the unending levels. The platforms get further apart, heightening game play as you rebound from an overzealous tilt-jump. You gain skills as you level up, and the countless number of levels in this game is what will keep you hooked.

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