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Google reveals Jelly Bean, Nexus 7 tablet and Nexus Q streaming device at I/O

Jun 27, 2012

The Google I/O conference got off to a bang with some big announcements during its initial keynote presentation. In much the same way as Apple boasts about its successes in keynotes, Google was quick to tell the world that one million Android devices are activated every day and there are 400 million total. Here is what the Android app enthusiasts among us have to look forward to.

Google Currents were both showcased and formatted perfectly for the tablet. Google demonstrated the tablet’s gaming power too, showcasing Horn with some amazing shadow and lighting effects and Dead Trigger with some realistic fog and water effects.

The Nexus 7 tablet is available to pre-order from Google Play today starting at just $199. You’ll also get a $25 credit to spend in the store on apps or content, plus a nice selection of freebies. Orders will be shipped in mid-July.

Nexus Q

Google also revealed its first ever consumer electronics device, the Nexus Q. This intriguing-looking Android-powered social streaming black ball connects to all the media you have in the cloud (at Google Play) so you can stream it over your tablet, smartphone or TV. You can hook your speakers up to it and with its built-in amp, it can produce great quality output whether it be music or high-def 1080p video. Here’s a video from Google about how it works:

Nexus Q is controlled via your Android smartphone or tablet. The device itself lights up different colors depending on what’s playing, and there is also a visualizer for your TV screen or tablet. In addition, your friends’ music libraries can be shared to your Nexus Q device, so everyone can become a DJ. If you have a movie on your device, you can stream it to the Q and continue watching from where you left off.

The Nexus Q is available to pre-order at Google Play for $299 and will be shipped out in the U.S. in mid July.

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