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Google Reader Android app is easy on the eyes

Dec 22, 2010

Google’s first release of its official RSS client is an excellent start, but there’s plenty of room for improvement.

For starters, Google Reader does an admirable job of displaying your Reader feeds on your Android device. Especially if you’re getting up in years and could use some reading glasses; the standard font is super-huge. The app’s light color scheme is also easy on the eyes, and its ability to browse by individual feeds or categories is a welcome approach.

Add in multiple Google account support, controls for reading all entries vs. only those that are unread, direct access to starred items and a super-simple integration of finding items shared by those you follow, and Reader starts to look like a worthy competitor to its marketplace cousins.

That said, the current version does have a fatal flaw for heavy RSS users: no ability to force the app to store its messaging cache on your SD card means your phone’s onboard storage will quickly be overwhelmed. We’ll probably see Google address this and other issues in an update.

That said, if your RSS feed list is relatively small (like mine), you probably won’t encounter any show-stopping issues.

Be sure to head into the settings, and turn on the ability to use your volume key to scroll between items. You may also press and hold on folders of content or items to rename them, unsubscribe, and more. The “share” feature makes sending interesting content to specific people or groups of followers no sweat at all.

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