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Google masters masses in 2011, with more to come in 2012

Dec 11, 2011

Google reached a major landmark last week with its 10 billionth Android download.

That’s big, really big.  But that’s just part of the picture.

Android, Google’s free mobile operating system, has dominated in 2011 with 200 million Android devices now in use, Adrian Kingsley-Hughes reports in ZDNet.

“Microsoft might have sold hundreds of millions of Windows 7 licenses, and Apple might be managing to persuade tens of millions of people to buy iOS-powered devices every quarter, but the real winner when it comes to operating systems in 2011 has been Android,” he writes.

We were all impressed when Apple said it sold 17 million iPhones and 11 million iPads during the last quarter. But Android is beating that rate by a mile.

Android each month matches Apple’s quarterly rate

Android is growing at that clip monthly—550,000 activated a day, 16.5 million a month.

Look for 2012 to be another killer year for Android. Kingsley-Hughes expects that by this time next year one million Android devices will be activated daily.

Google may not charge phone makers for Android, but the platform yielded $2.5 billion in ad revenue during the last fiscal year. So the financial benefits continue to heap up for the Android masters.

Android has its issues, among them being addition of bloatware from phone makers, concerns about availability of Flash, lack of updates, worries about malware.

“There may be issues that Google need to address when it comes to Android, but we can’t allow this to take away from the successes achieved by the mobile platform,” Kingsley-Hughes says. “Apple might be grabbing the limelight with iOS and the iDevices it is installed on, but Android is the platform for the masses.”

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