Google Drive tops Android Apps of the Week

Apr 26, 2012
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After months of speculation, Google Drive finally become a reality, offering cloud storage and ready access to files through a newly updated app. Also building excitement this week is Samsung’s Mobile Unpacked app, offering up details of the much-hyped event where Samsung will reveal the latest Galaxy device. 500px is trying its best to steal a bit of Instagram’s thunder, while Papyrus Beta shines with its new note-taking app for Android.

Facebook for Android update (free)

Facebook pushed through a major update specific to Android users, better integrating the social network with the user experience. You can share photos and messages directly from your home screen, while the app itself has incorporated a number of features that were once separate in the Facebook Messenger app, including the ability to see when friends are online or on their mobile devices, and the option to add people to a group conversation. On the flip side, Facebook also added social discovery channels for Android apps with a presence on Facebook, making it easier to find apps that work on both platforms.

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