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Google Docs Android apps still has some teething problems

May 13, 2011

Google Docs for Android makes the service even more convenient than ever. The fact that it’s so new, though, means the app comes with its share of technical problems.

For those who aren’t familiar with Google Docs, it’s a service that’s connected to your Google account that’s used for creating and storing documents. The app syncs up with your Google account so that youcan access all of these documents from your phone. You can also create new documents on the go, savethem and then pull them up on your computer later on.

The app offers everything that its mother site does, but in such a way that is simplified and compacted. I was pleased to see that the app had a search option that made finding my documents easy. It also has a feature that allows the user to share your documents with phone contacts. However, because things are organized on the app’s menu differently than they are on the mother site, it did take a little before I was able to accurately find my way around.

Even after I became more comfortable with Google Docs on my phone, I still felt that the app was not as natural to navigate compared to working on my computer. That being said, it’s hard to criticize, really, knowing that this app just made life a bit easier.

When I first learned that Google Docs was coming to Android, I was really excited to hear about the app’s OCR (short for Optical Character Recognition) feature—which means that the phone’s camera converts pictures of text into documents that you can edit!

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I was really disappointed, though, when I could not get this option to cooperate. When I selected to create a new document from a photo, I could hear the sound of my camera trying to turn on. The screen turned black before booting me back to the Google Docs menu. My camera’s not broken, so I can only assume that it’s a flaw with the app’s programming.

I didn’t have trouble converting photos that were already saved to my Google Docs account, however.

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