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Google Books leads Android Apps of the Week

Dec 9, 2010

This past week brought a flurry of Google updates, spanning Android (Gingerbread 2.3 & Honeycomb 3.0 news), Chrome (OS and Web Store), and Apps. Google Books was one of the new products launched amidst all this news, with a penchant to compete against Amazon, Apple and other print media distributors. But there’s so much more to Android apps, including a new search tool to quench your slurpee fixes, and some spirited holiday sharing tools.


Slurpee. If you’re anything like her, you’ll get a kick out of this app. It marks local 7-11 stores on a map, and navigates you there. It even comes with a flavor suggestion feature, and stickers to earn, so you can mark which ones you’ve tried. This Android app is tasty and free.

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