Google bans Siri knockoff from Android Market, but legit competitors persist

Jan 3, 2012

ChaCha, in order to create a giant info database for Iris that will allow it to rival Siri, which draws its information from sources such as Yelp. ChaCha already has a giant database that allows users to type in their questions and get information from the Internet; pairing it with Iris brings in the voice-recognition side of the equation.

It’s likely that Iris and ChaCha will both be helping one another to improve in the future to keep up with Siri and provide an alternative that Android users can get behind. Meanwhile, Siri is going to be improving, too – Apple released the software as a beta product, which means there’s still development to be done. Expect Siri to be more robust with the release of the iPhone 5, likely later this year. Hopefully Android developers will work hard to keep pace, and keep Android competitive with Apple’s popular new feature.

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Phil Hornshaw

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