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Google, Adobe embrace HTML5 with new launches

Aug 1, 2011

Google+, the search giant’s highly integrated social network. It’s given Google an opportunity to bring more unity across its many apps, including those on mobile devices.

Adobe Edge relies on HTML5 too

HTML5 is a central asset for Google’s unification plans, and as more standards develop around this platform, more support is given. Adobe’s seen a great deal of pushback on Flash use in the mobile realm, and the company’s had to make some significant changes to remain a leader in its transition to the mobile space. Adobe Edge is the latest product to divert away from Flash standards, offering a new motion and interactive design tool for web developers. It leverages standards around HTML, CSS and Javascript, incorporating the languages with which developers are already familiar. Edge is just a preview release for now, with a beta version on the way. There’s no telling how much Adobe will pour into Edge, but it’s clear that HTML5 is a driving force in industry progression.

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