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Get smart with Android app

Sep 1, 2010

As a writer, I’m often looking up words to make sure I understand the definition before I use them in a story. Unfortunately, I frequently misspell the word I’m trying to find. That’s why I love on the Web. This useful site does a great job of correcting misspelled lookups with a friendly “Did you mean?” that points users in the right direction So I’m excited that the free Android app lets me take this power on the road. works like you’d expect — you type the word in the text bar and press “Search.” It returns the parts of speech and the definitions; with one tap, you can switch to’s synonyms and antonyms. I found myself using the audible pronunciation feature more on this mobile app than I do on’s website. One downside to this app is that I often enjoy reading the word origin information that provides on the Web, but they don’t include that in this app.

The app includes’s Word of the Day feature, which is great for students — or anyone else interested in building up their vocabulary. You can also email or text definitions to others. I sent my brother the definition of “schlep.” I hope it improves his word skills.

Other dictionary apps exist – including ColorDict, which let’s you choose and download from a list of dictionary sources, and the Oxford English Dictionary, which provides a free seven-day trial, but then costs around $30. Compared to these, is easier to set up and use — and provides a solid dictionary resource.

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