Get life-saving advice from the First Aid – American Red Cross Android app

Jul 17, 2012

Knowing first aid response can be life-saving in drastic situations. While you can’t prepare for every emergency, you can proactively learn how to respond to the majority of first aid issues. The free First Aid – American Red Cross Android app is now available on your device to help you get a grip on ghastly situations. The app’s interactive first aid quizzes make learning how to respond to emergencies a lot more fun than it should be. You earn badges for each quiz you master that you can brag to friends about especially if said quiz gives you knowledge that ends up saving a friend’s life.

This life-saving app is filled with step-by-step guidance on how to take action in emergencies including helpful videos that take you through average first aid scenarios. The First Aid app by the American Red Cross takes up a lot of space on your SD card because it’s meant to be available offline so you can access content in emergency situations. The app is also filled with tips on how to survive natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes and more.

9-1-1 integration makes it easy to get help in those cases where first aid can’t be handled by you alone. While you can never truly prepare for life’s impending disasters, you can learn enough to survive them especially when you download and use the free First Aid – American Red Cross app for Android.

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