Get fit this summer with the Workout Trainer app for Android

Jun 15, 2012
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Workout trainers are expensive especially on top of paying a monthly gym fee. What if instead you could get all you needed from one smart and free fitness app for Android? What if you could have your trainer in your hand 24/7? You certainly would not have any excuses not to work out then, for sure. Enter the free Workout Trainer app for Android, which is a comprehensive fitness app ready to whip you into shape without exorbitant fees.

This app is the fitness bomb. There are thousands of free workouts created by expert coaches. When you sign-up, the app asks you a few questions to get started. For instance, how long you like to work out and to what intensity. Each workout is labeled with the time it will take to finish and the intensity level making it easy to grab a workout on the go, or find the perfect workout for days when you have more time and energy. The app saves your workouts so you can track your progress over time and feel even better about getting fit!

My favorite part is the program selection. Find an ongoing program that works for you such as “Off the Couch Blast,” “6 Pack Toned Abs,” “Slim and Trim Bootcamp,” and many more. These extra programs do charge a fee but a much cheaper fee than you would get with a trainer or taking a series of classes at a local gym. For instance, the “Slim & Trim Bootcamp” program is three weeks long and comes with nine workouts for the one-time cost of $9.99.

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