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Sep 6, 2010
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As a gamer I picked these games as I think they are among the best that the Market has to offer. The quality and level of detail in these games make them stand out from the rest. I share them with you in hopes that you will enjoy them as much as I have.

Abduction! World Attack

Abduction is a great game that offers shorter levels with lots of characters and modes to unlock making this much more replayable. A great game worth your time and money.


Armored Strike Online

Armored Strike is an excellent game with a lot of replayability. Choose from tons of vehicles and weapons and fire at your opponents over different terrain. Fight online and dish out the pain.



A fast paced real time strategy game that feels like Space Risk. Take over neutral planets and your opponents and conquer the galaxy.


Nesoid (NES emulator)

Keeping your gaming history and memories in your pocket ready to play whenever. This app runs amazing and the controls are easy to use. A fluid app and well worth the time and money.


psx4droid (old – use v2 now)

A great start at playing some of your favourite Playstation games on Android. Some sound and lag issues as well as a few bugs need to be ironed out. Lack of developer response and updates show lack of consumer confidence. Needs an update badly.


Sinister Planet

Excellent shooter game with a very addictive edge to it. Developer updates frequently and this app tops other shooters on the Market. The controls are very realistc and give you the sense and feeling that you are in space. Awesome job Dev and keep up the good work.


Sky Force

A great game with a classic shooter feel at heart. Great for killing time and a fun app overall.


SNesoid (SNES Emulator)

This app gives you a chance to play some of the greatest games ever created. Well worth the time and money. Controls are a little tricky but there are so many that work despite the placement of the L and R buttons.


Speedx 3D

Speedx 3D is an affordable game that has a ton of replayability. The games controls are very fluid and you get hooked on it the first time you play it. Show your friends and give them a run through the tube.


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