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Galaxy Domination and other Android Games of the Week

Aug 23, 2010

This week’s top Android games feature challenges for those who like to play fantasy sports, as well as those who like saving lost souls while waiting for the next bus, plane or train. Download these games for some Android fun.

New and top performers

Dante: The Inferno is a strategy game where your aim is to escape hell, saving souls along the way.  Collect the glowing orbs as you navigate each level’s maze, battling any obstacles that pop up along the way. Best of all, this free game isn’t cluttered with ads, and you get over 100 levels (and two game endings).


Your fantasy sports games are about to get a lot more exciting.  The upcoming installment of Konami’s soccer series, PES 2011, will have better graphics, Wi-Fi multi-player support and customized team management.  Android users will also get cross-platform support through OpenFeint integration.

Defy gravity in Hella Umbrella, a cute game where players must overcome puzzle obstacles to clear a path so they can reach the next level.  The upcoming Android game will offer challenges along the way, ranging from scorching heat to thrashing waves, plus more.  Play in story mode, create your own fun with the level editor, and get a lesson in physics while you’re at it.

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