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Fun and educational Android apps for preschoolers

Jan 28, 2013

When I purchased my smartphone, I was very hesitant letting my kids play with it. They slowly wore me down and now I have to sometime fend them off just to use it. The Google Play store is filled with tons of educational games for kids of all ages. My next few articles will cover some of the educational games and apps out there for different age groups available for Android devices. Today’s post is all about games for preschoolers.

Kids Preschool Memory Game ($1.99)

Kids Preschool Memory Game is just one of many games from Fun4kids for the Android platform. The paid version of the game unlocks four additional games. This simple game focuses on improving your kid’s matching and memory, and doesn’t include any complicated directions. The buttons are big, bright, and colorful.

The free version allows you to play the bear, bird and fruit levels. The pro version has the chicks, fish, penguin, and duck games. The bear game is a 12-tile matching game with fun objects like trucks, robots, rubber duckies and more. The bird game is an 8 -tile matching game with numbers. The fruit game is an 8-tile matching game with different fruits. When you complete a level, you will be given a score but that is not recorded anywhere. Overall, this is a cute game that little kids can play and work on their memory skills.

Toddler Coloring Book Free (Free)

Every kid loves to color. Toddler Coloring Book is a easy to use coloring app, and the free version comes with four different pictures: spider, snail, cat, and butterfly. To unlock more pictures, you will need to upgrade to the pro version. This free version doesn’t have any ads, so the whole screen is dedicated to coloring. If parents want to upgrade to the pro version, then they will need to push buttons in the proper order (written on the screen), which is nice way to keep kids from accidentally making in-app purchases.

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To color in this game, the preschooler simply picks the color they want to use and taps on the area in the picture they want to fill in. There are two color palettes on each side of the screen, and you can unlock more colors by rating the app or completing an offer from one of their sponsors. If your kid wants to change colors, simply tap the new color and tap where to put it, even over a previously colored spot. They will always color within the lines, too!

Save the Fishes (Free)

Save the Fishes is one of many games from Baby Bus. When you open the app, you will see a bright yellow bus and a signpost, which indicates the age group and signs to different types of games. It was a bit confusing to me and would definitely be for a child.  Save the Fishes is a game about recognition and quick reflexes. The cute little fish are trapped in bubbles and as they rise to the top of the screen, you need to tap them to free them. You will earn points for freeing the fish.

However, you must avoid releasing  sharks and jellyfish trapped in bubbles. If you do, you will hear “ouch.” As you progress in the game, more types of fish appear.

Preschool and Kindergarten (Free)

Preschool and Kindergarten Learning Games, developed by Kevin Bradford, is a very popular Android game. The free version of the game comes with three levels, while the pro version provides another six. The three game modes–Basics, Language, and Math–will adequately test your preschoolers skill sets.

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After you unlock all nine levels, you will be able to cover: Shapes and Colors, Letters, Counting, Memory, Alphabet, Addition, Puzzles, Spelling, and Subtraction. In Shapes and Colors for 2 years olds, the game gives you four options and then asks you to pick the correct object. The option for your child to visualize and hear is a nice combination for teaching colors and shapes.

These are just a few of the many wonderful games for Android for preschooler to play to help them learn. Are there any particular ones you or your children have enjoyed?

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