Fresh Android Games for Nov. 30: Droid Odyssey, Flying Panda, Astral Commander Lite

Nov 30, 2010

In today’s batch of Fresh Android games, play a classic platform game with a twist, take flight as a ninja-like panda, or command robots to build new civilizations.

Astral Commander Lite (Android) FREE

In the game of Astral Commander Lite, you are the Astral Commander. To play this simple, and very addicting game, you must direct high-tech robots to collect all of the materials that are necessary for constructing a base on alien planets. When things get dangerous, open fire on your enemies. The developers have noted that this game is very easy to play and it includes five different levels. There are also different gameplay modes to choose from. Aim for a high score and see how you measure up on the global leader board.

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