Fresh Android Games for Nov. 1: Pop Fans II, TetroSpin

Nov 1, 2010

In today’s Fresh Android games, check out a game that’s designed especially for those with an affinity for pop music and a version of Tetris with a twist.

TetroSpin is a lot like the classic game of Tetris. In this version, however, the game takes place on a cylinder-like platform. Move and rotate the colored blocks to create a full line of blocks without any gaps. This clears lines of bricks and prevents the top of the screen from becoming filled. This game supports keyboard input and both portrait and landscape screen settings.

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Caitlin M. Foyt

Caitlin M. Foyt is another young journalist chasing after her dreams. She wishes it was physically possible to document everything she saw, heard, felt or thought -- kind of like a more neurotic Harriet the Spy.

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