Fresh Android Games for Jan. 3: Robo 3: Gears of Love, Frenzic

Jan 3, 2011

Let’s start the New Year off with a bang! Who says we can’t have a little fun? Let’s resolve to play more games. If you’re into mazes, you’re in luck. Robo 3: Gears of Love tops the Fresh Games list for today.

Think you’re good at puzzles? Think again. Frenzic is as frenzied as the title suggests. Build six pies out of colored pie pieces. The clock is ticking and puzzle pieces never stop appearing until you finish the level.

This 1.1 version update to the addicting puzzle game delivers SD card support, menu settings button functionality, and the ability to use the volume keys of your phone to adjust the sound of the game. Many happy reviewers say it’s worth the money.

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