Fresh Android Games for Jan. 27: !3D Bubble Breaker, BlackJack, X Construction

Jan 27, 2011

Today’s fresh games brings a twist on Bejeweled with !3D Bubble Breaker. Pinch and zoom your way around a large wall of cubes in order to find your matches. Also, today, play a realistic version of Black Jack or use your building block skills to create bridges that will support a train.

Like building stuff? LEGOs and other block-building games exercise the mind but what if peoples’ lives depended on what you built? That’s the premise of X Construction where you must build bridges that a train can cross safely without a bridge collapse and train wreck.

Using steel girders, you need to construct bridges over simple grass pits then more complicated valleys and the most challenging chasms. The physics are meant to be real so if your bridge can’t take the weight of the train, the whole thing will come crashing down.

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