Fresh Android Games for Feb. 3: Sketch Smash Lite, Topple Towers, Bouncing Letters

Feb 3, 2011

Kids love to build towers and knock them down. But, today’s fresh games show that adults secretly love to do this too. Sketch Smash is similar to Angry Birds but with hand-drawn objects, while Topple Towers brings 3D to tower smashing. Lastly, Bouncing Letters mixes word and shooting games to create something new.

Cross Scrabble with Tetris and you get Bouncing Letters. Little balls – each one marked with a letter of the alphabet – populate the top of the screen. You control a letter gun at the bottom of the screen that you position to fire at the balls above.

If you create a word with your shot, all the balls that make up the word vanish, partly clearing the screen. Clear the board before the letters fill the screen to win.

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