Fresh Android Games for Dec. 27: Zenonia 2: Lost Memories, Jet Car Stunts

Dec 27, 2010

Today’s Fresh Android Games features the follow-up to the popular combat and exploration game, Zenonia, plus a stunt-filled racing game.

Jet Car Stunts (Android) ~$2.00

A popular acrobatic racer for the iPhone platform, Jet Car Stunts has loop-de-looped, rolled and flipped its way over to Android. A mix of racing and platforming, jump on one of the race tracks for a time trial or to perform some outlandish maneuvers. The best part about this game is that the vehicles aren’t your standard race cars. Instead, they are a kind of hybrid between a car and a jet, allowing you to control them mid-air and come into a safe landing. Once you’ve earned some high scores, you can submit your scores to the online leader boards.

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