Fresh Android Games for Dec. 14: Game Dev Story, Drift Mania, HazelNuts Lite

Dec 14, 2010

In today’s batch of Fresh Android Games, feel free to indulge your game developer, drag racing maniac and squirrel enthusiast alternate personalities.

In the game of HazelNuts Lite, you’re a squirrel who needs to start collecting food for the long winter months. To gather up nuts, just blast them into a nearby basket. It sounds easy, and it is at first, but you’ll find that things will soon take a turn for the difficult. Nut collection take a lot of careful timing, precision, and apparently — balloons. Work your way through all 20 levels and beat the game.

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Caitlin M. Foyt

Caitlin M. Foyt is another young journalist chasing after her dreams. She wishes it was physically possible to document everything she saw, heard, felt or thought -- kind of like a more neurotic Harriet the Spy.

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