Fresh Android Games for Apr. 1: Raving Babies, Rapture Raptor

Aug 11, 2015

Just to prove it’s not all about baseball, here are two non-baseball titles. Raving Babes asks you to reign in the superhuman toddlers and Rapture Raptors has you eating humans to live.

Get Raving Babies Get Rapture Raptor

Raving Babies ($5.94)

And you thought only the “twos” were terrible?

Superhuman babies have escaped from wherever they keep superhuman babies and have attacked the Hypermarket Mall. Pick from one of three babysitting adventurers – Alex, the rookie; Helen, the professor’s assistant; and Professor Mendel himself, the man who started the super-baby madness – and go get them.

Your weapons include – a milkenizer gun, pacifiers, a pudding grenade launcher and bubble-o-matic. Careful though – these babies can shape-shift, fly, and teleport.

Rapture Raptor (Free)

It’s the end of the world and you must try to survive.

Did I mention that you’re a dinosaur? So, surviving means something a little different here. You must eat the humans trying to kill you and avoid the flaming meteors falling down from above.

Eat, eat, eat and consume the power-ups so that you can become Raptor Jesus.

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