Fresh Android Apps for Oct. 25: Wizz Bar, Weddar, Megastunt Mayhem

Oct 25, 2011

Once again a fresh app demonstrates a fundamental difference between iOS and Andriod – if you don’t like the home screen of an Android, you can change it. Wizz Bar lets you create a taskbar for easy app organization.

When you need weather reports from humans try Weddar and you want to travel above the crowd check out MEGASTUNT Mayhem.

Sometimes you need to share your feelings, and sometimes you need to chug a Mountain Dew, take a pinch of chewing tobacco, and jump behind the wheel of a monster truck. Guess what time it is?

Choose your elevated ride, then roll out to the ramps in the center ring of a sold-out arena. Jump, spin and flip your way toward a high score where the riskier the stunt, the more points you get. When you’re feeling really crazy, drive straight up a wall or right through the stadium’s scoreboard.

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