Fresh Android Apps for Oct. 24: Haunted House HD, Postcard on the Run, Trulia – For Rent, Ragdoll Blaster

Oct 24, 2011

Start this spooky week off right. Haunted House HD will set the mood for the upcoming candy filled night out.

The rest of today’s fresh list gets rounded out by mix of old and new mail (Postcard on the Run), an apartment-hunting tool (Trulia — For Rent), and an unusual game (Ragdoll Blaster).

Like to fire cannons, launch ragdolls, and solve puzzles? Then you won’t find a better fit anywhere in an Android game.

You must fire a ragdoll into a bull’s-eye target. Sounds easy except that ramps, mazes, fulcrums, and a bunch of other stuff stands in your way. Shoot, shoot, shoot, the dolls until you can maneuver the puzzle and strike the target.

Don’t expect glitzy. The hand drawn (think kindergartener) graphics give it a quirky homemade feel that suits the offbeat challenge.

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