Fresh Android Apps for Nov. 22: Adobe Kuler, Extreme Evasion, Fishing Diary

Nov 22, 2011
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Two more days to turkey! Plan to spend a few hours of your upcoming long weekend going virtual fishing with Fishing Diary. When you’ve got to run away from family, try Extreme Evasion.

For a new utility designed for creative projects, download Adobe Kuler.

Some fishermen like the quiet and calm of fishing, but they aren’t the audience of this frantic sea hunt. You can start to catch fish just by tapping them with your finger on the screen of your Android, but the app provides a bag of tricks to increase your catch. Drop slices of bread to entice fish into small feeding groups or use explosives to blow all of them out of the water. Snare enough fish and you’ll power up your deadly laser beam.

Watch for mermaids because they know where the treasure is. If you capture them, they’ll tell you where to look.

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Ian Black


Ian Black is beginning to think his phone is smarter than he is. He's keeping a close eye on it in case it tries anything funny.


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