Fresh Android Apps for Nov. 2: SMS Auto Responder, and more

Nov 2, 2010

In today’s Fresh Android Apps, create automated replies to your text messages, see all of the colors in the rainbow, and make the bible feel like a less intimidating read.

Catholic Cheat Sheet is an app that provides Catholics with daily religious inspiration. It has a variety of bible verses, quotes, prayers, and a special section called “The Mass.” Check in with the app once a day to feel closer to God, or simply download the app to feel comforted by the fact that all of the ideals of your faith will travel with you everywhere you go.


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Caitlin M. Foyt

Caitlin M. Foyt is another young journalist chasing after her dreams. She wishes it was physically possible to document everything she saw, heard, felt or thought -- kind of like a more neurotic Harriet the Spy.

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