Fresh Android Apps for Nov. 19: Autism-Spectrum Quotient Test and more

Nov 19, 2010
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Today’s Fresh Android apps features a test that detects medical disorders, a Christmas Tree decorator, and everything that you wanted to know about your favorite singers and songwriters.

It’s sometimes easy to forget that celebrities are human beings, just like everybody else. We have a lot more in common with famous people than most probably think. This app is a database that’s filled with random facts about famous musicians like Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Beyonce, Madonna and Justin Bieber. Download it to learn more random tid-bits about the day-to-day lives of your favorite singers and songwriters.

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Caitlin M. Foyt

Caitlin M. Foyt is another young journalist chasing after her dreams. She wishes it was physically possible to document everything she saw, heard, felt or thought -- kind of like a more neurotic Harriet the Spy.

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