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Fresh Android Apps for Nov. 15: Shazam update, i-Clickr, Tether

Nov 15, 2010

Have a job to do, but there’s not a Wi-Fi hotspot to be found anywhere? Today’s Fresh Android apps features one that turns your phone into a portable, wireless Internet signal. Check it out, and some others, below.

When it comes to traveling, outside of losing your luggage and missing your flight, there’s really nothing worse than not being able to find Wi-Fi when you really need it. Tether is an app that uses your preexisting data plan to turn your phone into an Internet hot spot. Readers should note that though this initial download is free, it’s still $24.99 per year for the full service.

This app is pretty handy, but $25 does sound like a lot of money to pay up front for a mobile application. If you do spend a lot of time on the road, however, this might be a cost-effective alternative to paying for Wi-Fi at the airport or whatever fast food restaurant you happen to come upon. And since we’re on the topic of uncomfortable places, I should note that Tether can work from anywhere, including your rental car, a nice restaurant, near a famous landmark, or your hotel room.

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