Fresh Android Apps for May 10: WatchESPN, Google Goggles update

May 10, 2011

Eyes open wide. First watch ESPN live streaming video (WatchESPN) and then strap on some augmented realty eyewear (Google Goggles).

What if you had super-smart goggles that could tell you additional information about a product, or painting, or tourist site when you looked at these things? Stop wondering. You already have this power inside your Android phone. It’s a service called Google Goggles.

Take a picture of artwork, a landmark, a store, or something on a store shelf through the app and you’ll get search results that tell you more about it. The service recognizes images by matching them against Google’s huge cloud of images.

This new update includes improves business card scanning, enhances search history features, adds an option to save found images to your SD card, and offers the ability to save pictures for processing later.

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