Fresh Android Apps for Mar. 28: Temple Run, Time Is Money, runtastic Push-Up PRO

Mar 28, 2012

Better late than never! A truly awesome yet simple game finally comes to Android. If you’ve never played Temple Run on an iOS device, make sure you clear your calendar for the next few days before you download it.

When you need to get stuff done, try Time Is Money to get out of bed faster, and runtastic Push-Up PRO to pump yourself up.

runtastic Push-Up PRO ($1.49)

You’ve seen other workout helper apps, but this one gets your Android directly involved in your routine. Instead of entering the number of push-ups you do in a session, this app counts for you – by asking you to touch your nose to your Android’s screen with each repetition. A useful graphic shows you where to place your device for most effective nose-poking.

Take advantage of the 8-week professionally-designed plan in this Pro version of the app. Input the number of push-ups you can currently do consecutively and the app will figure out the rest. Save all your workouts to where you can view your progress and brag to friends.

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